Vermont Baby, LLC is committed to making pure, organic, yummy baby food that supports local farmers and pleases little palates. We use only the highest quality organic fruits and vegetables that grow and thrive in the northern climates of Vermont. We are proud to use as many amazing local fruits and veggies as our neighbor farmers can provide.


We strive to get your produce from the earth to your little ones' mouths as quickly as possible. Buying locally helps! The fruits and veggies simply don't need to travel far to get to us, which allows for proper ripening. We believe that produce should be harvested when it is ripe-which means at its peak nutritional value- not prematurely to endure a long transport.


Serving you nutritious, locally made baby food that tempts your babes' tummies is our number one priority. From the fertile ground of Vermont, please enjoy!


We are Vermont Baby, LLC
Pure. Organic. Yum.